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Best Jump Saddles Under £1000

jumping horse with saddle

Buying a new saddle can be an expensive event and with so many saddles on the market, it can be difficult to know which brand or model to go with.

First and foremost, it’s important that your jump saddle fits both you and your horse. Many people concentrate so much on fitting their jump saddle to their horse’s shape and withers that they forget that the saddle has to fit them too.

A saddle that isn’t the right length or shapes for you can alter your riding position, causing you to spill over or behind the saddle, tip your seat forwards or cause your leg to sit in the wrong position.

All of these things will be detrimental to not only your effectiveness when riding but also the comfort of your horse and your horse’s way of going. Moral of the story – make sure that your saddle is fitted properly to both you and your horse before deciding on investing in a jump saddle!

Another thing to consider is what you want in a jump saddle. Are you going to an event with your horse, take part in hunter trials, cross-country school or show jumping clinics and competitions? All of these factors can lead you to your choice of saddle.

When it comes to shape, do you prefer a saddle with a pronounced knee roll and a forward cut? Do you feel more comfortable in a saddle that has a shallow or deep seat? You get the idea!

To make your search a little easier and not to mention cost effective, we’ve put together what we think are the 6 best jump saddles that you can buy for under £1000. If you’ve not got the big bucks for a custom Devoucoux or a brand spanking new Bates Elevation, don’t despair; you can get a great saddle for both you and your horse for a fraction of the price.

1. Arena Jump Saddle

arena jump saddle

Arena Saddles make saddles for every discipline and every conformation, whether you are competing, training or hacking. Their saddles are smart and understated, with a sophisticated cut that competes with the best in the show ring.

The saddles are crafted from real leather, offering longevity, and what’s more, they are fully adjustable (great for those growing youngsters or those who tend to change shape throughout the seasons). Their interchangeable gullet system is super handy and easy to use so that you can adjust within reason as your horse changes.

Arena saddles are a great answer to those who want something beautiful, comfortable and practical on a reasonable budget. They have stockists throughout the UK and beyond, making it easy to get hold of one and try it for yourself!

2. Throwgood T8 Original GP Saddle

Throwgood T8

Although this saddle isn’t made from full genuine leather, it has a great deal to offer and comes with a price tag that is hard to compete with for a new saddle.

Throwgood has been in the business for a while and their saddles are widely respected in many disciplines. This saddle is a general-purpose saddle (GP) but features a pretty forward cut knee, giving you the benefit of something in between a jump saddle and an all-purpose saddle.

So, if you ideally would like something that you can comfortably show jump in but you also want to be able to school and hack day-to-day, this could be the saddle for you! Fully adjustable knee and calf blocks allow you the support of a custom saddle and the leather seat gives a luxurious feel to a budget saddle. This saddle is best suited to a horse that has a medium wither, neither high nor low, something to keep in mind during your search.

3. Premier Equine Foxhill Pony Synthetic General Purpose/Jump Saddle

equine jumping saddle Foxhill

If you have a pony or you looking for the perfect saddle on a low budget for your child, the Premier Equine Foxhill Synthetic saddle is a sure bet. This saddle offers the look and feels of a leather saddle with significantly less maintenance, the one downside to a traditional leather saddle!

Highly durable and wool flocked, this saddle offers excellent weight distribution and is anatomically designed to complement your horse and fit its contours.

A padded knee roll offers leg positioning support and a Premier Equine gullet gauge can be purchased, to allow the best possible fit over time. Premier Equine has quickly established a reputation for affordable quality through their horse wear, so it’s no surprise that this saddle is great quality and easy on the bank account!

4. Throwgood T8 Jump Saddle

Similarly to the T8 GP, the T8 Jump offers a lot of great features on a budget price tag. To the show jumper out there reading this, listen up!

This saddle is a specialist show jumping saddle that is designed to improve jumping technique through enhanced support and shoulder movement. The seat is in close contact and features adjustable thigh and calf support, for better balance and improved position when jumping.

The panels are wool flocked and the seat and knee pads are leather, so you still have the feel of a luxury saddle although it is not crafted fully from leather. The gullet is interchangeable, offering a custom fit for your horse and the pommel is suited to a medium withered horse.

To check out the saddle in action, head to their website to watch a video of it in use.

5. Wintec 500 Jump Saddle

Wintec has long been the market leader in the budget saddle sphere and this particular saddle is no exception. A deep seat allows extra support in the saddle, let’s face it, we’ve all had those ‘oh god’ moments when we’ve needed it.

Although this saddle is synthetic, it has the look and feel of a premium saddle. What’s more, it can be personalised with a coloured stirrup keeper, which is an extra bonus for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

The best thing about these saddles is that they are just so easy to care for, a quick wipe after a heavy session and you’re as good as new! With super soft panels, this saddle is cut to mould around your horse’s muscles and hug their conformation, allowing them the freedom to move freely.

6. Kent & Masters S-Series Jump Saddle

This Kent & Masters jump saddle has definitely got that special something. Kent & Masters have long been one of the most renowned and respected leaders in saddle manufacture and they are widely recognised as masters in their trade by the novice to the international rider.

So in short, to have a saddle of such quality at such a reasonable price point you really can’t complain. Kent & Masters believe that all horses are different and as such, the saddle should be fitted professionally by an experienced saddle fitter, to suit the horse and rider.

That’s why these saddles are strictly available from their network of independent retailers. Kent & Masters make all of their saddles in their UK workshop, crafted by qualified Master Saddlers.

The S-Series Jump Saddle is perfect for many jumping disciplines, from cross country to showjumping. The forward-cut flap and generous knee roll work with moveable blocks to offer support to the riders leg in the shorter stirrup jumping position.

Broad panels compliment and move with the contours of your horse’s shape and a Velcro knee and calf block can be positioned to suit you individually. The saddle has a luxurious look and feels and boasts many high spec design details.

As we know, it’s all in the details and you won’t be disappointed with this saddle!

Choosing a jump saddle can be a minefield with so many to choose from, especially if you’re not 100% sure what you are looking for.

Our best advice is to consult with a saddle fitter on your shape and your horse’s shape and to discuss your needs. Hopefully, these 6 cost-effective jump saddles will help you in your search for a quality saddle with a price tag that’s just as easy on the eye.