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7 Best Horse Riding Boots of 2021

horse riding boots

Horse riding boots are essential for riders of every level. Riding boots range in price from simple and affordable, to the highest standard of craftsmanship and very expensive. Regardless of your budget, you’ll have no problem finding riding boots to serve your needs.

Many modern boots incorporate the latest technical features to provide the ultimate in comfort and athletic freedom.

Tall or long riding boots aren’t only for the show ring. You will find many styles that allow for some extra self-expression and sizes to suit a variety of leg shapes. Many people prefer long boots as they feel they provide better support than a mini chaps, short boot combination.

For a perfect fit, you can even order custom boots. Today, most long riding boots come with a zipper, making them easy to put on and take off. While traditional, plain black boots still rule the show ring, tall boots now come in a few other colour options, and some even have sparkly embellishments.

Here our roundup and review of the best long riding boot options to suit different needs.

1. De Niro Salentino Black Patent Prugna

De Niro boots are a premium brand, loved around the world for their excellent Italian craftsmanship. De Niro has branched out from plain black boots and offers a wide range of custom options.

The De Niro Salentino Black Patent Prugna boot is made using a soft calfskin leather that makes breaking in new ones easy. In addition to the zipper along the back, these boots have a discrete elastic panel. This panel allows for some flexibility and a comfortable fit.

De Niro Salentino boots can be customised. For the leather, you can choose their standard Quick Soft Leather Finish, or upgrade to the Vitello Smooth Finish. You can choose laces or no laces, to suit your riding discipline. For the top of the boot, there is a patent leather embellishment. You can keep this black for subtlety or add crystals. You can change the top embellishment from black to blue, pink trimmed, patterned, and even purple.

De Niro Salentino boots offer a wide range of standard foot sizes to build your boot based on your personal leg measurements.

2. Mountain Horse Women’s Sovereign High Rider Boots Brown

Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider Boots are a beautiful mid-priced boot made from full-grain leather. They come in three colour options – black, a deep dark brown, and a two-toned brown. The boots have an extra-strong zipper and elastic panel hidden on the inside to aid the fit.

One excellent feature of the Sovereign High Rider Boots is the flexibility built into the ankle area with Mountain Horse’s trademarked Prolaze Stretch-Flexnotch™ system. This flexibility allows the rider to comfortably keep their leg in the correct position. To finish off the boot, the footbed is well cushioned and provides excellent support.

3. Riding-Boots LAVAL, black

LAVAL riding boots are made by the well-known German equestrian brand, Busse. If you’re looking for something more unique, take a look at these boots. While they would not always be suitable for the show ring, they will bring some fun to your time at the yard.

The main boot is black and comes with a zipper along the back. What makes the LAVAL boot unique is the front lacing. Instead of the traditional laces in front of the ankle, the boots have polo lacing the continues all along the front to the top. The lacing serves a practical purpose, allowing for greater adjustment of calf fit. However, for fun, you can change out the black laces for laces in any colour of your choice.

The boots come in standard foot sizes and five different calf widths and heights.

4. Bromont Pro Tall H2O Insulated

The Bromont Pro Tall H20 boots are produced by Ariat, one of the world’s most recognisable boot brands. Ariat boots come with many options, this version is designed for winter riding. The boots come with Ariats trademark Duratread™ sole and comfortable footbed.

The boots are made from full-grain leather with the inner calf panel made of grippy suede. The boots are waterproof and insulated to keep you warm and dry in the winter. An elastic panel is located on the side and by the knee for added comfort.

The boots come in UK sizes 3 to 8.5 and three calf fits – regular short, regular medium, and full medium.

5. Dellucci Ladies Long Leather Riding Boots

The Dellucci long leather riding boots are a Premier Equine product. Premier Equine are better known for their excellent horse rugs, but they have recently expanded their product range. Price wise, the Dullucci boots are reasonable for long boots.

These are great, stylish yard boots as they come in rich brown tones. They are made from premium grade, flexible leather, have a rear zip and subtle elastic panel. The boots are durable but don’t lack good looks. The boots come in standard foot sizes with a regular or wide calf.

4201 Ostuni V2 Smooth Front Boots
Ostuni boots come from the popular boot brand, Brogini. Brogini is known for its economical, but stylish riding boots. These boots don’t have laces, making them a good choice for dressage riders. Ostuni are dress boots made from Brazilian leather with a smooth finish. They have a full-length rear zipper, and spur rests. The boots are a good choice for traditionalists, who like a simple, elegant boot that doesn’t break the bank.

Ostuni boots come in black, brown, and black with a brown top. Sizes available range from UK 3.5 to 11, with four width options and three height lengths.

6. Dublin Galtymore Tall Field Boots

Dublin boots are famous for their comfortable country boots. However, they also make high quality, but affordable riding boots. The boots are made from premium full-grain leather sourced from Europe. The interiors of the boots are lined with soft leather and feature an RCS Ultra footbed. The RCS Ultra footbed features cushioning for shock absorption, and sock liner to wick moisture.

Outside, the boots feature laces in the ankle area and a rear zipper. The black version is traditional, and stylish enough for the show ring. The brown version is a rich tone with black soles. The exterior soles provide good grip and durability.

Sizes range from UK 4 to 8 with a choice of calf options – regular regular, regular short, wide regular, and wide short.

7. Medici II Field Boot Black

Boots from Tredstep Ireland have become increasingly popular in recent years. The Medici II is the most recent boot in the Tredstep collection. They incorporate the latest technical features into a flattering, elegant design that gives the rider’s leg a great outline. Tredstep boots are known for their comfort, excellent, long-lasting soles, and classy looks.

The boots come in several standard foot sizes with 9 calf widths and 3 height options.

Finding the best riding boots in today’s market is easy due to the choice and effort boot makers put into their designs. Regardless of your budget or leg shape, you will be able to find something to suit, giving your hours of comfort and safety in the saddle.