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Best Anatomical Bridles of 2021

With so many bridles available, it can be hard to choose which one is best. We’re here to help you pick out the best Anatomical Bridle for your horse.

A comfortable and well-fitting bridle is not only important, its essential. With more brands introducing new Anatomical style bridles, lets learn about them and how they can benefit you and your horse.

As the name suggests, Anatomical Bridles are designed around the horse’s facial anatomy. This means they avoid sensitive facial nerves, bone structure and are shaped for comfort around the horse’s sensitive ears. This results in a more comfortable horse which in turn produces an easier ride.

What is an Anatomical Bridle?

Anatomical bridles usually consist of a wide, padded and shaped headpiece to fit comfortably behind the horse’s ears. This ensures that there is no pinching in this sensitive area.

Unlike traditional bridles, most Anatomical bridle headpieces are an all-in-one style. They are fully integrated and have no extra straps passing over the poll area. This helps to minimise discomfort through pressure points and pinching. In addition to a comfort headpiece, Anatomical bridles can have comfort-enhanced cheek pieces.

In comparison with traditional bridles, they are shaped around sensitive facial nerves. The traditional non-padded noseband is a thing of the past.

Now highly padded, they have comfort enhanced shaping around the horse’s bone structure. Prevention of rubbing and stabilisation is important. Bridle designs are comfortable and fit better than ever before.

Does my horse need an Anatomical Bridle?

Even if your horse is riding well, you may find yourself questioning if improvements would be seen through making the switch. The good news is that may new users find huge improvements through the use of an Anatomical Bridle.

Issues such as head shaking, rubbing, leaning on the bit, softness and problems with submission are common. The good news is that these issues have all been vastly improved by using an Anatomical Bridle.

After all, it makes sense that if your horse is more comfortable, he will work in a much happier manner.

Which is the best Anatomical Bridle?

We’ve reviewed several bridles to find you the best five Anatomical Bridles. Our picks fit into a range of budgets and offer a variety of different styles with varying benefits. As with all horse wear, each horse is an individual and different styles may suit some horses better than others. On the whole, comfort is key here.

Let’s dig into our top five Anatomical Bridles picks.

1. Premier Equine Stellazio Anatomic Snaffle Bridle with Flash

The Premier Equine Stellazio Anatomic Snaffle Bridle offers a much more traditional-looking style. That said, the Stellazio Bridle still incorporates fantastic Anatomical benefits for the horse.

The Stellazio Bridle is crafted from a stunning Italian leather. It and has been crafted to shape around your horse’s ears, nose bridge and cheeks to provide the most comfort and control. The shaping on the Stellazio Bridle includes the key areas – the poll, noseband, browband and the cheekpieces.

The addition of a diamante browband makes this stunning comfort bridle perfect for shining in the dressage arena.

2. Schockemohle Equitus Delta

The Schockemohle Equitus Delta is a key part of the new Schockemohle Equitus Anatomical range. Schockemohle is notorious for high quality leatherwork and the Equitus Delta is no exception.

This novel fitting bridle has a design which is crafted for comfort. The design ensures that it bypasses the horse’s sensitive facial nerves through curved and integrated cheekpieces. The Delta is a one-piece design and incorporates a padded shaped noseband into the cheek pieces. It minimises rubbing too through a stud-style fitting.

The special Equitus headpieces are shaped and softly padded, offering almost unrivalled ear comfort. The curved headpiece is an extra wide fit to avoid pressure in the eye and ear area. The ultimate in function and comfort.

3. Premier Equine Favoloso Anatomical Bridle with Crank Noseband

Another Premier Equine bridle has made our top five due to value for money and beautiful styling. The Favoloso Anatomical Bridle is very similar in design to the Stellazio Anatomical Bridle. The Favoloso Bridle is more traditional in its styling with a plain padded browband.

The Favoloso comes in at just under £100 from most retailers, but certainly does not scrimp on design features. These features include an anatomically shaped soft padded headpiece, soft padded browband and an anatomically shaped soft padded crank noseband.

4. PS of Sweden Pioneer Bridle

Luxury and design combine in the PS of Sweden Pioneer Bridle. Aptly named the Pioneer, this bridle is a trailblazer in its category, featuring a fantastic, shaped design.

The bridle helps the horse to “stabilize the jaw and lies flat against the muzzle, thanks to the built-in shock-absorbing cushion”. Through multiple adjustments throughout the bridles design, PS of Sweden offers a “guaranteed fit”. The cross-sectional design of the noseband and soft padding throughout minimise interference with the sensitive nerves in the face as well as the horses eyes.

In addition to the shaped and padded design, the cheek pieces have the PS of Sweden patented elastic Cradles™. These allow the horses bit to be suspended in the mouth and take pressure off the poll. It’s a full approved by the United States Equestrian Federation for jumping.

5. The Fairfax Performance Bridle

Developed and designed in the UK, this handmade bridle is the first of its kind to be based off scientific research.
The Fairfax Saddles Performance Bridle is said to:

  • Reduce pressure by up to 84%
  • Reduce force by up to 77%
  • Allows greater forelimb extension
  • Increases knee & hock flexion

The only bridle of its kind, the Fairfax Bridle has been designed through pressure mapping and gait analysis. This in-depth research set out to reduce pressure whilst enhancing the horse’s comfort through improved stability.

The bridle is available in several styles – all which have carefully designed features to reduce pressure in the “six key zones”.

The Fairfax research discovered that bridle pressure is not constant throughout riding. Making a design that could offer stability became essential for comfort. The result of thorough research has produced a technical and individual and high performance bridle that allows riders to “experience a greater harmony with their horse.”